Elizabeth & Co

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How it all began

Our family has been within the Jewelry and Watch Industry for over 30 years, we’ve all lived and breathed it growing up and now we’re happy to expand our business out of our stores and go ONLINE! 

Elizabeth & Co. was started by my Mother, Elizabeth in the 1980s after she migrated to the US. She began by opening her first store in Washington Heights and was instantly well received by the local community and she loved it there! 

I began visiting my Mothers stores from a young age and was always taught the ins and outs of the industry and quickly began appreciating the jewelry and clients we worked with. My Mother gave me confidence and independence within the business and because of this I’ve been able to start expanding and building upon what she created.

It was very important to me to ensure I had all the knowledge going into the business. I studied at GIA so that I could learn all about Diamonds, CADS and more! I’m pleased to say that I am now a GIA Certified Jeweler and can supply some exquisite diamonds to my clients that will add an extra special touch to everything we do. Feel free to contact us for more information on this if needed.

In 2020, I acquired my mothers company with a strict focus on omnichannel growth across all three locations. I launched @Elizabethandco on instagram and received a surplus of organic followers in a matter of a couple months. Customers were  purchasing Jewelry straight from my ears. All I wanted to do was  put together content that I loved and share it with the world. Instantly, we started to see an increase in Sales! Within lockdown restrictions we used our Social Media platform to showcase our products and received much interest. It became difficult to manage our clients from out-of-state 

which then led us to find alternatives - we needed to showcase our product online as soon as possible! I am so grateful for the love and support I’ve received from YOU, my clients and those reading this. 

Today, I’m pleased to say that we had success in launching our online store and hope to bring you exclusive collections and pieces, no matter where you are! Nevertheless, our in-store assistants are always here to help you so if you have any questions please do contact us. 


Elizabeth x